Testimonial and Action Plan
Sandra Libby, M.Ed.,CPSI, Playground Coordinator with Town of Billerica

About twelve years ago my daughter Megan was almost 2 and we were enjoying going to the local playground, Kid's Konnection, located in the center of our town, Billerica,MA. We were sitting on the fire engine pretending to drive. This was an old structure with wooden planks that had an open platform with a steel frame around the outside. Suddenly my daughter got up and ran down the plank to the end. I knew right then that she was headed for the fire pole, would not be able to reach it, and I feared that I would never make it to her in time. Sure enough, she fell on her face in the sand and bumped her head on the pole.

As I consoled her, I began to look around. This playground needed some attention. I thought, my mother's group, Mom's and Tot's just might be the team of parents for the job. We formed the Friends of Billerica Recreation and began getting advice from local sales representatives and writing grants. After several years of volunteering, I realized that I loved playgrounds and wanted to do this for a career. Getting certified as a Playground Safety Inspector really opened my eyes! (Read More)

A Comprehensive Playground Safety Program - "Walking the Talk"
Testimonial by Pete Cralidis, CPSI

For quite a few years now there has been increasing interest and effort to build more, better, & safer facilities, particularly for the youngest members of society - our children. This interest and effort has encompassed everyone from local, state & federal governments to private day care providers, summer camp groups, and others involved with children.

Of particular interest are playgrounds that not only have newer, safer, and more diverse designs, but also provide previously inaccessible play opportunities for children with disabilities including children who may be wheelchair-bound! These children can now play and enjoy the same opportunities on many playgrounds right alongside their friends who may or may not have a disability! Playgrounds can readily provide children with more diverse equipment and activities which present increasing challenges for them to test their abilities while having a lot of fun! Now...how do you keep the fun environment for the children safe and going strong...or create it for them in the first place? (Read More)

Testimonial received, November 2, 2007, after a written request for stories on how the NPSI and PSINA have helped Certified Playground Safety Inspectors do their job.

Hello Ken

My name is Paul Becker I work at a school. I do most of the work on our playgrounds. I did a lot of repairs and did what I thought was right. Well not true.

The person in charge of compliance got a letter from MPA looking for someone to go to a CPSI course. Thank goodness she said, "Let's send Paul." Well am I glad the School did just that. I really did most of my repairs incorrectly.

Well the story goes on. I did go to class. I passed the class, got home, started to work trying to figure out where to start on the task at hand; auditing and inspecting the playground that I love dearly. I got out my ASTM, CPSC, Test Kit, Paper and Pencil. Yes, got to the site. Looked it over and found out, "I have no idea where to start." So I packed every thing up, went back inside, sat down, and said; "I need something to show me the right way to do this." (Read More)